I wanted to show you my latest pallet coffee tables I have made here in New Zealand…

Are any of you like me, love pallets and have them stacked around the place waiting for the next project?

Wood pile

Wood pallet stack

Wood pallet stack


The pallets have been there so long the nasturtiums are growing through them.

Rodeo has to get in the shots as well!

Rodeo has to get in the shots as well!

The tables were two completely different designs, mainly due to the size and designs of the pallets and what inspired me at the time.

Farmhouse Style Pallet Coffee Table


Pallet Coffee Table

Unfortunately,  I only took this photo of the finished unpainted coffee table. What was I thinking?

I painted the sides and legs Annie Sloan Chalk paint Old Ochre. I love this colour! It is a very neutral and goes well in any room.

Farmhouse Style Pallet Coffee Table

Finally, I used Annie Sloan Clear Wax and Dark Wax on the table. First I rubbed on clear wax, then dark wax. It is always a good idea to put clear wax on first, because if you put on too much dark wax on it comes off easier. Dark wax is really hard to get off if you put it on first, it is like a stain! I put on alot of wax, rubbed it in well and buffed it with a soft cloth. I tend to rip up old flannelette sheets, as they are lovely and soft.

Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table leg was cut off two headboards

Pallet Coffee Table

I love how well the table top came up so well with the wax!

Pallet Coffee Table with shelf

Pallet Coffee Table

The next table was totally different with a shelf. You can see the pallet was smaller than the first and a different design.

Once I nailed all the boards on the table I covered the nails with wood filler before painting it.

Stripped Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table with shelf

Stripped Pallet Coffee Table with shelf

This pallet coffee table I painted with Resene Paints (acrylic paint), white grey and black. Then sanded down to give a rougher look and showing some of the natural wood underneath.

I managed to get the pile down by making these two pallet coffee tables and quickly sold them. That is another thing having the space to store the projects made!

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Thanks so much for reading my post!



I want to show you this amazing pallet coffee table. My 15-year-old son, Thaddeus, made for me with the help of my husband Tom, they found it easy to make.

To start with they got a great pallet that was already rounded on the sides. I have found lots of different places here that give away pallets for free. Just check they are in good condition and have HT (Heat Treated) stamped on them. You don’t want ones treated with chemicals.

The great chunky legs where cut off an old dinning table.

They had to purchase a few boards from the local hardware store to fill in the gaps on the pallet top, It was possible to get them cut to size to make it easier. Next they sanded it down where needed on the top and sides. Leaving some rough added character.

It was really exciting to see the result of using a pallet. They did a fantastic job of making this table for me. I love it!


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I then painted the sides and legs with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Old Ochre.  I did a couple of coats of paint, but left areas of dark brown legs unpainted to show through. Just because I love the contrast between the dark stain on the wood and the Old Ochre Paint.

I waxed the top and sides with Annie Sloan Clear Wax and next Dark Wax. Was quite heavy in places with the Dark Wax, especially over the rough areas of the wood.

Was so very please with amazing pallet coffee table!












Had to include Rodeo our puppy in the shots, but he really is not suppose to be on the sofa.

Feeling inspired to make a pallet coffee table? Love to hear from you ..

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