My first quilt made with love….

My first quilt made with love was the result of discovering a chest filled with quilting material collected over many years.

Hexagon quilt

Last year we moved my mum into a retirement home and had sorted out her house and the many many years of crafting undertakings. My mum had a wonderful home with very large closets and storage rooms, sheds and garage. She had managed to full them to capacity with the crafts items over the years. We were able to donate them to charity shops, craft groups and even the local community college art school.

However, when it came to her chest of patchwork/quilting material I thought twice about giving it away. Mum had started at least 10 years ago a lovely hexagon quilt and never finished it. We tried to get my sister-in-law in Australia to take it and finish it as she was a quilter, but she declined.

I decided to take up the challenge to finish it.  It had faded a bit over time, but as mum had painstakingly hand sewn the quilt it didn’t matter to me. I enjoy sewing but hadn’t done any for awhile and never a quilt.  Now my mum is a perfectionist and I am not, so my stitches were not quite up to her finesse shall I say.  I laboured away in love and completed it.

When trying to lay the quilt out to put together Rodeo seemed to think it was for him to lie on!

Completed hexagon quilt

Patchwork Quilt

Proud of myself for getting to the end I looked again in the chest and picked out more material to make another quilt,  but this time a machine sewn one! This was a bit easier to do and I finished it yesterday, so very happy with the results.

This time I tried to lay the quilt over the couch to work on and Rodeo jumped up on it there!

Patchwork quilt

Cream backing

Finished quilt!

Finally, I have divided the remaining material for my daughter to do a green coloured quilt, which she insists she wants do all by herself and there is enough for my niece to do a purple quilt.

I am done, packing the sewing machine away!

My son is trying to talk me into doing a quilt for him, but I not sure I can,  he is going to university next year… Not sure I have the another quilt in me…..

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