This old TV Console I brought for $10.00 on Trademe.


Simple repairs needed

One cabinet door was broken and a shelf was missing, it was just not looking so good. But sometimes you can see the potential in a piece. Especially if it is made of mahogany wood and you have two cans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old Ochre and Coco.

I started by removing the glass doors, which was easy to do. Then unscrewed the plastic door tracks and filled in the screw holes with wood filler.  I took off the broken door and cut it down to replace the shelf that was missing.

Finally, I removed all the hardware and place it aside to paint.

As this was such a large piece I used a paint roller to do the first coat. I mixed together both paint colours in the paint tray. They went on easily and if any drips I lightly sanded down when it had dried.



It was such a beautiful day to be painting outside!

For the second coat I used a brush and still using the paint tray I poured the two different colours in side by side. I painted one colour then the next, combining the colours, painting it smoothly over the surfaces. After paint had dried I again light sanded any drips and made sure it was really smooth.

I decided to use Annie Sloan Clear Wax on all the surfaces and Dark Wax only on the front trim.

Using the same hardware, but I painted and sanded it down.  In New Zealand hardware is really expensive compare to America, so I try to use the same hardware when possible.



What a transformation, it came out far better than I expected.





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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Art Deco Cabinet

As soon as I saw it I knew Annie Sloan Chalk Paint would look wonderful on an old Art Deco Cabinet that I found in a local Napier Second Hand Furniture Store.

One of the wonderful things about living in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand is the Art Deco town of Napier.

Napier Earthquake

It had a devastatingly large earthquake in 1931, but after the earthquake the town was rebuilt. The buildings were all beautiful Art Deco Buildings, which remain to this day.

In February each year the whole town of Napier becomes an Art Deco Festival. People come from all over the world to dress up in deco style clothes. The city is totally transformed for a few days. It is such a fun time, our family love dressing up and being part of it. It is like going back in time.

I was really excited to find an old Art Deco Cabinet and Drawers for a good price.


As you can see it needed a really good clean with water and dish detergent. Then some little holes and deeper scratches I filled with wood filler, to tidy the surfaces up.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has so many great colours to choice from but I think my favourite are Old Ochre and Duck Egg Blue.  They look beautiful together and the design on this piece of furniture lends itself to having two different colours on it. I ended up having to paint two coats of each colour and then gave it a gentle sanding after each coat had dried. Just to smooth any rough areas of paint. It is easy to get little drips here and there and sanding gets rid of them.

Then I finished it off with Annie Sloan Clear Wax. (No Dark Wax this time.)


I kept the original hardware on as they were in such good condition.


The end result looks amazing with these colours.img_1641-3


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I want to show you this amazing pallet coffee table. My 15-year-old son, Thaddeus, made for me with the help of my husband Tom, they found it easy to make.

To start with they got a great pallet that was already rounded on the sides. I have found lots of different places here that give away pallets for free. Just check they are in good condition and have HT (Heat Treated) stamped on them. You don’t want ones treated with chemicals.

The great chunky legs where cut off an old dinning table.

They had to purchase a few boards from the local hardware store to fill in the gaps on the pallet top, It was possible to get them cut to size to make it easier. Next they sanded it down where needed on the top and sides. Leaving some rough added character.

It was really exciting to see the result of using a pallet. They did a fantastic job of making this table for me. I love it!


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I then painted the sides and legs with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Old Ochre.  I did a couple of coats of paint, but left areas of dark brown legs unpainted to show through. Just because I love the contrast between the dark stain on the wood and the Old Ochre Paint.

I waxed the top and sides with Annie Sloan Clear Wax and next Dark Wax. Was quite heavy in places with the Dark Wax, especially over the rough areas of the wood.

Was so very please with amazing pallet coffee table!












Had to include Rodeo our puppy in the shots, but he really is not suppose to be on the sofa.

Feeling inspired to make a pallet coffee table? Love to hear from you ..

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New Life for an Old Footstool

I found this old footstool made of oak; I loved the beautiful texture of the oak wood and decided not to paint over it, but to recover the padded top and stencil a design on the fabric. I was able to get this lovely velvety chestnut brown material at an op (charity) shop to recover it in. I wanted to stencil it using Annie Sloan Chalk stencils, but wasn’t able to find any at my stockist, so I went to my local library and found a book on stenciling. It had some great ideas and traceable designs. I was able to trace a couple which I combined on a piece of baking paper and then cut it out using a craft knife on a piece of plastic I had at home. I could have used cardboard/poster board as well. I just used an old plastic kitchen chopping mat underneath it to protect the table I was working on. It was easy to unscrew the padded top to the footstool and measured up and cut out the material. I placed the stencil over the material and taped it in place. Using a small dry brush I first painted on the Old Ochre, just sparingly dabbing it on. Then I wiped my brush and did the same using Coco, but not putting it over the whole design, just dabbing it on parts to allow the Old Ochre to seen as well, giving a lovely effect in the two shades. Once it had dried I stapled it onto the padded top of the stool and screwed it back it. It looks so beautiful, what a transformation!   Thanks for visiting RiverRoad.nz

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